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Ski areas
  Ski Area: Soldeu el Tarter
estacion soldeu Runs: - 52 (90 Km.)
Skiing terrain: - 850 Ha.
Lifts: - 32: gondola ropeways (for eight people), detachable chairlifts (with carriers for six), detachable chairlifts (with carriers for four), fixed-grip chairlifts (for four people), fixed-grip chairlifts (for two people, drag lifts, rope tows and conveyor belt.
  Ski Area: Pal Arinsal
estacion pal arinsal Runs: - 41 (63 Km.)
Skiing terrain: - 707 Ha.
Lifts: - 30: one gondola ropeway, one cableway, 11 chairlifts, 12 drag lifts, five rope tows.
Nearby hotels:
- Abba Suite Hotel
  Ski Area: Vall d'Ordino
estacion d'ordino Runs: - 25 (26 Km.)
Skiing terrain: - 442 Ha.
Lifts: - 14: eight drag lifts, five gondola ropeway, one conveyor belt
Nearby hotels: - Abba Suite Hotel
  Ski Area: Pas de la Casa- Grau Roig
estacion pas de la casa Runs: - 55 (100 Km.)
Skiing terrain: - 626 Ha.
Lifts: - 31: 12 draglifts, one baby draglift, four rope tows, 14 chairlifts (three double chairlifts, five quad chairlifts, three detachable chairlifts with carriers for four, three six-seat detachable chairlifts), funitel
with 36 cabins.
  Cross-country Ski Area: La Rabassa
estacion la rabassa Trails: - 4 (15 Km.)
Lifts: - Mechanical fun-lift
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